Dubai Gold Rate Per Tola

You have arrived at the perfect place to find Dubai gold rates in Tola which is mentioned below in all main currencies. This rate list is regularly updated every day and in a more frequent manner if there comes any big ups and downs in gold prices in Dubai, UAE Gold trading market. Now if you require the rate in other measurement units then you are free to explore other pages of our website where you can find rates per gram, ounce and kilogram. There is also a historical gold chart per is available for your use which shows past 30 or 90 days and 1 to 20 years of gold rate. We have given the gold prices per tola in different currencies since expats from all over the world live here. Currencies used in gold chart are United Aram Emirates Dirhams (AED), Bengali Taka, Indian Rupees, Philippine Peso and Pakistan Rupees.

Use of Tola for UAE Gold Rate

The TOLA also transcribed as tolah or tole, is a customary mass unit of South Asian countries. Its standard has been set to 180 troy grains equivalent to 11.663 grams. In 1833 British Indian Government introduced a system of weights and measures in which tola was the base unit of mass, though it is being used by the locals from a much longer time. Tola is one of the Vedic measures which come from the Sanskrit word “tol” which means “weight”. By old tradition 1 tola was the weight of hundred “ratti” seeds. Since it was based on seed therefore its exact weight had variation along with different localities. In history, it has always been a suitable mass for a coin. For e.g, the currency started by Mughal emperor Akbar had mass of “1 tola”.


When British introduced their Tola it had a precise weight of 180 troy grains which standardized it and made Tola the base for units of mass. By this they were also successful in setting the standard measure of gold and silver bullions. Keep in mind that tola has been formally substituted by the metric units since 1956 but it is still regularly used as a well accepted quantity for gold bullion bars in India, Singapore, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Also note that the ten tola bar is the most common traded unit of all. Tola is also frequently utilizes as measuring unit in almost every gold souk market and bazaar you will find in the United Arab Emirates specially in Dubai. Other than Dubai, Tola is also well accepted in Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf (GCC) nations.

Important Conversions to Remember:


1 Tola


1 Tola

0.4114289 ounce

1 Tola

0.375Troy Ounce

1 Tola

0.0116638 Kilogram