Dubai Gold Rate Per Gram

This page of our website allows you to find the price of gold per gram in different currencies. Since Dubai has expats from all parts of the world so we mention other nation’s currency also other than national currency United Arab Emirates Dirham. These include Indian Rupee, Pakistani Rupee, Bangladeshi taka and Philippines Peso. These rates are updated in given currencies whenever the gold rate per gram is adjusted in UAE markets.
Use the below price chart for 1 gram gold to find out how much you should pay per gram of gold in Dubai markets. These prices are mentioned for 24, 22, 21 and 18 Carat of gold. Gold price are updated frequently throughout standard trading hours but the gold spot price can be changed to any value according to choice of time.

What is a Gold Gram?

Gold gram is the quantity of value characterized by exactly one gram of gold. Normally it’s the unit of account commonly used for digital gold currencies exchange purposes. Following symbols are used to express this term gg, AUG and GAU.
A milligram of gold is called mil or mgg. As a result, 1 AUG = 1 gg = 1000 mgg = 1000 mil & 1 mil = 1 mgg = 0.001 gg = 0.001 AUG. Using these conversion, gold holdings and transfers can be performed even in the tiny fractions of a gram equals to few cents.
General people are often confused when pricing of Gold is done in traditional troy ounce in open market. (Note that, 1 troy ounce is accurately 31.103476 grams, larger than avoirdupois ounce which is normally used in USA and has mass equivalent to 28.35 grams). Gold prices in Kilogram are generally used by Zurich Gold Pool where one thousand kilograms is equal to one metric tonne.

Dubai gold rate in gram

Important Gram Conversions,

Please keep the following conversions in mind,



0.001 Kilogram


0.035274 Ounce


0.0321507466 Troy Ounce


0.0857 Tola