Exchange Rate in UAE

Below table will show you today’s UAE exchange rates which is updated live here on regular basis.

History of UAE Currency Exchange

The name Dirham derives from the Greek word Drachmae which has the meaning of “handful”. It has survived after so many centuries due to its far and wide usage from old trade times.

Below given table contains selected currencies in UAE Dirhams (Rates in 1 Dirham)

30 October 2013

Currency Name

Rate Per 1 Dirham (AED)

Pakistani Rupee (PKR)28.68 PKR
Bangladesh Taka (BDT)21.11 BDT
Philippines Peso (PHP)11.64 PHP
Nepalese Rupee (NPR)26.75 NPR
Indian Rupee (INR)16.71 INR

United Arab Emirates started utilizing British gold coins and Maria’s Thalers with some other currencies like Indian Rupee circulating in the country in the late 20th century. In 1950’s they started using the Persian Gulf Rupee which at that time was issued by the Indian Central Bank whose value was just equivalent to Indian Rupee. When devaluation of Indian Rupees started in 1966, it started to directly affect the value of Gulf Rupee to which United Arab Emirates answered by establishing its own national currency. UAE agreed to use Saudi Riyal as provisional currency in the same year by replacing it with Qatar and Dubai Riyal. It is interesting to note that all the emirates except Abu Dhabi, who was using Bahrain Dinar regularly, used Dubai & Qatar Riyal until 1973. In the year 1973, United Arab Emirates Dirham was launched and set as the national currency.

UAE Exchange Rate

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